Academic programme

The courses will be organized in intensive modules and will be supported by independent study and online learning methodologies.
The academic curriculum of the English Doctorate School is divided into 8 modules.
Curriculum of the Doctoral Programme (pdf) / (Last update March 2016)

The first module is devoted to Generic Competencies and includes units as Academic Didactics, Citation-, Reception- and Discourse Research and Writing the research proposal. Students earn 10 ECTS for it.
The second module´s main focus is historical knowledge and aims at introducing PhD students with the prehistory and history of Psychotherapy. 8 ECTS can be earned by completing it.
The third module is based on theory. It incorporates courses on philosophy of science and psychotherapy as profession and as science. After completing the module students earn 12 ECTS.
Fourthly, PhD students will have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of methodology and methods of psychotherapy science. By attending four courses on qualitative, quantitative and mixed research methods they receive 8 ECTS.
Besides, as Sigmund Freud University puts great emphasis on interdisciplinary networking of its doctoral candidates, it provides space for presenting research projects in an interactive course. For active participation students earn 4 ECTS.
Furthermore, a module on Research reflection is offered to PhD students, by which students learn to design and formulate their research ideas into a detailed scientific research proposal. In this module students are awarded 5 ECTS.
The seventh module is concerned with the active participation in scientific discourse of the PhD students. 8 ECTS can be earned by presentation of personal research findings in the context of lectures and/or conferences and /or workshops and/or articles in journals and/or articles in anthologies.
Last but not least, the module of Defence of the dissertation (doctoral examination), which is awarded by 5 ECTS marks the successful completion of the PhD education.

Student handbook
The PhD Student Handbook is designed to orient you in scholarly and organisational matters of the English PhD Programme of Sigmund Freud University.
Student handbook 2015/16 (pdf)