Alumni about the PhD programme at SFU

Haeyoung Jeong Dr. Sci. Pth, South Korea

Haeyoung_JeongWhat attracted me to the SFU was the research programme that is unique in the field and applicable to studying while working in balance. Studying for my doctorate at SFU was not only challenging and thought-provoking but also thoroughly enjoyable. The ambience open and flexible to independent thoughts and ideas offers a place and opportunity to realize creativity in the research with the aid of skilled academics from various countries. Interchange with colleagues of diverse backgrounds, all practitioners in origin, and yet like-minded individuals is highly inspiring.

I am honored to be one of the pioneer recipients of the Dr. Sci. Pth. in SFU. For my research interests that focus on historical, hermeneutic, and cross-cultural study of psychotherapy, SFU is promising in its ability to provide places to interact with international academics and practitioners as continuously growing into an international hub of psychotherapy milieux.

Igor Okorn, Dr. Sci. Pth, Slovenia

Igor_OkornOne, who is professionally interested or involved in psychotherapy, will be sooner or later challenged with psychotherapy practice, with methods of the research and with the question of the scientificity in the field he or she wants to deal with. The SFU study program opens the opportunity for the academic psychotherapy study and for the development of professional psychotherapist- as a practitioner and as a researcher. In the psychotherapy study program at SFU Vienna, I found an exceptional and unique way for my developmental process as psychotherapist. With the doctoral study course I got the opportunity for the deep insight into the field of psychotherapy research and science. I did not enjoy only professional discussions with professors and colleagues in groups but with some of them we became really close friends.

Roza Dzamaldajeva, Dr. Sci. Pth, Latvia

Roza_DzamaldajevaHow can I summarize my SFU experience in one sentence? Excellent teaching staff!
Professor Pritz, a profound thinker and humanist, attracts by his extraordinary charisma. Every day spent at SFU brought new knowledge, some fascinating questions and also possible ways of finding the answer. Besides, my supervisor and other faculty members were very supporting. The doctoral education at SFU has strengthened me in my professional abilities, and opened great opportunities to communicate with my colleagues from all over the world. And of course, add Magnificent Vienna as a scenery to all this!

Anna Dourduma, Dr. Sci. Pth, Greece

Anna_DourdumaI am happy to have chosen the PhD programme of SFU as it was overall a very fruitful experience! It was very stimulating for me that SFU gave me the possibility of choosing a research topic of my own preference and of following my own path in the realization of my study. My supervisors were very supportive and at the same time they encouraged me to develop my own ideas and my own identity as a researcher. Also, what I found inspiring at SFU was that there was an open dialogue between the supervisors and me and that was a challenging and thought-provoking process which resulted in me gaining professional maturity. Looking back at my studies at SFU I see that I got the chance to conduct a high quality research on the field of psychotherapy and I acquired knowledge and experience which is beneficial for my professional future as a researcher as well as a therapist.

Anita Pilika, Dr. Sci. Pth, Albania

Why I chose SFU? Firstly, I wanted to gain a Western European experience. Secondly, as I liked the program of summer schools that SFU organized for Master Degree, I knew SFU was well structured, prestigious and offered excellent education. Besides, I wanted to profit from the founders of psychotherapy with their reach experience on the field.

While I was a PhD student, I benefitted from taking part in the winter and summer schools, and liked how the responsible staff organized the seminars with the combination of interactive discussions and theoretical lessons. The quality of the lessons was very high. What is more, the supervisors were very open and helpful. My research interest was Autism. I studied the Depression Anxiety and Stress symptoms in parents of autistic children and the impact of autism in the family, and. reached very interesting results. I felt the impact of SFU all the time and in every step of my dissertation: SFU helped me to develop ideas and research hypotheses, design my methodology, and got assistance while writing the dissertation.
Doing my PhD at SFU has been the best experience that I have ever had.