Dr. Alfried Längle


• Why do I work for SFU?
SFU is a pioneer university in the field of psychotherapy. It has realized what I dreamt of for decades: to provide an academic basis for psychotherapy and to teach psychotherapy investigation. The fascination of this endeavor was for me that it was not only possible to accomplish such a goal but also to attract so many people from so many different countries. I was surprised by the great resonance of this project and feel stimulated by the need which it revealed.

• What is interesting about my discipline?
My professional interest is mainly centered on the application of phenomenology in the practical work of psychotherapy and psychotherapy research. It works with an open approach to what appears to the subject involved and seems to be essential for them. This implies qualitative research methods which supersede quantitative data thanks to more possibilities of interpretation and gaining specific, personalized information. Apart of this the theme of what consists our existence, its fundamental dimensions and processes is in the center of my interest. From hence derives my interest in personality disorders, also seen from an existential perspective.