Dr. Erzsebet Fanni Toth

Coordinator of the PhD programme


• Why do I work for SFU?
The English PhD programme of SFU is a truly stimulating environment. I have the privilege to be surrounded by dedicated colleagues, lecture in small-scale classroom full of highly motivated students, who come from very different cultures of the world. Having previously been a student, a post-doc researcher at SFU and then a lecturer and coordinator of the PhD programme, one of the most inspiring parts of my position is to evoke scientific interest, observe personal and professional development and build link between the profession and science. All this, located in an international environment, in the magnificent city of Vienna.

• What is interesting about my discipline?
A great man once said that “Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think” (Albert Einstein). As a qualitative research methods expert, who teaches students about how to think about psychotherapy in academic terms, therefore, I strongly believe that every single aspect of my discipline is fascinating. I believe that through eaching research methods I am able to open doors to new knowledge: I am excited to observe, how practitioners of psychotherapy, who come to my class with the thought that a methods class must be useless for their therapeutic work actually turn into highly motivated learners, who discover the added value of scientific inquiry. Last, but not least, through thought-provoking classroom discussions and challenging research ideas set in various cultural contexts provide me with constant fascination about my discipline, and I continuously develop with my students.