Dr. Karl Garnitschnig


• Why do I teach at SFU?
The fact that there is a private university specifically for the study of Psychotherapy Sciences and Training in a variety of methods is most significant. It ensures that there is open-mindedness and allows schools with a focus on therapy to learn from each other.
The SFU is formally linked to other universities and therefore has an international flair. The culture of co-operation and exchange between colleagues promotes innovation in research, teaching and application.

• What is special about my discipline?
I consider it important that students reflect what they have learnt. In order to assist this I developed a model of various levels of interpretation and analysis as a basic tool to reflect scientific theory as well as own practice. This model is also an useful tool for reflecting everyday life. Another area of my research is ethics defined as that which autonomous individuals develop in terms of mutual acceptance and honour as a basis for their work and practice. With this I intend to formulate a model of basic principles for education and psychotherapy.