Dr. Kurt Greiner


• Why do I work for SFU?
…because of my special scientific field. Since 10 years I have been working on theory and methodology for “Psychotherapy as a Science“. Up till now SFU Vienna has been the only one university in the whole world that offers the new academic discipline “Psychotherapy Science“. My contributions to this discipline are philosophic basis research and innovative research methods and analysis techniques according to hermeneutic principles.

• What is interesting about my discipline?
Philosophic and theoretical work about the question “In how far Psychoanalysis is a Science?“. Conceptualization of the psychotherapeutic scientific field called “Transfermeneutic Psychotherapy Science”, which consists of two research programmes: a) “Inter-Therapeutics“ and b) “Therapy Schools Reflection“. Within these programmes different theory integrative and text analytic methods and techniques were invented like “Therapy Schools Dialogue by Experimental Trans-Contextualization“, “Intertherapeutic Text-Puzzle / Psycho-Text-Puzzle“, “Intertherapeutic Picture-Process/Psycho-Picture-Process“ etc. Within this special scientific context one may find several published books and essays in German language and a few papers translated into English.