International Collaborations

Collaborating with leading international universities is omnipotent for offering excellent education and research opportunities for our PhD candidates and faculty members. Therefore, Sigmund Freud University collaborates with numerous universities and research institutes around the world by providing joint research programmes and exchange of researchers, teachers and students.

Among its international partners Sigmund Freud University can welcome:
•    York University, Canada
•    Simon Fraser University, Canada
•    Thomas More University,  Belgium
•    Ulm University, Germany
•    Teheran University, Iran
•    Salento University, Italy
•    Catholic University of Milan, Italy
•    Catholic University of Lviv, Ukraine
•    East European Institute of Psychoanalysis
•    Pontifical Catholic University of Chile
•    Aalborg University, Denmark
•    Paracelsus Medical University Salzburg, Austria
•    Uruguayan Federation for Psychotherapy, Uruguay
•    National Research Council in Italy
•    World Council of Psychotherapy
•    Asian Federation of Psychotherapy
•    Members of the SFU University group in Berlin, Paris, Ljubjana and Linz