The academic calendar at Sigmund Freud University is shaped by the Austrian educational traditions.

The winter term starts in September, each year and for English PhD students it ends with the Winter School. The summer term starts in February each year, and is concluded with the Summer School, organised in July each year. Students enjoy a long inter-semester break both in the winter and summer for independent study and travel.
Furthermore, as Sigmund Freud University is located in Austria, and most of its faculty and staff live in Austria, the University observes the main national holidays.

Please note, that there is a difference between the term “academic year” and “study year”. While academic year refers to the period between September and August each year, the study year might differ in case of every student. Since Sigmund Freud University allows its PhD students to start their doctorate education in both the Winter and Summer terms, the end of the study year is signified by the completion of the second semester, and as such, it could be in February as well as in July.

Each academic year Sigmund Freud University holds two graduation ceremonies – usually in June and November.